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Relapse prevention by Immunocyanin

28. Dezember 2015 Detlef Hoewing 0

For some years there are for patients in whom the instillation of mitomycin or BCG, for example, was unsuccessful or an intolerance showed alternative treatment option with Immunocyanin. The benefits of Immunocyanin the superficial bladder carcinoma Unfortunately this drug is not yet approved in Germany and therefore also listed not in the Red List (medication list Germany), although the treatment is quite be prescribed when indicated in individual cases and is taken over by the health insurance companies in providing adequate justification for the urologist (efficiency principle gem .§§ 12 para. 1.70 para. 1 SGB V). In particular, the application must be appropriate and necessary. This is due in particular when other installation therapy were unsuccessful or had to be canceled due to incompatibility and repeatedly Op’s are required because of the recurrence neoplasms, or the risk that a recurrent tumor enters a less favorable stage. Therapy with Immunocyanin (product name: IMMUCOTHEL®), lasts a year similar to the therapy with BCG, but has far fewer side effects. Here is a suggestion of a letter giving reasons for the urologist in relation to the insurance company: Justification for the benefit of IMMUCOTHEL® the superficial bladder carcinoma. For submission to health insurance […mehr lesen]