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Jenaers bladder helps bladder cancer patients

28. Dezember 2015 Detlef Hoewing 0

(Jena). Urologists at the Jena University Hospital have developed a novel surgical procedure for the treatment of tumors of the urinary bladder. The unique „Jena bladder“ presented the Thuringian physicians currently at this year’s symposium on bladder cancer at the University Hospital Jena. Jena urologists present novel surgical procedure for treating bladder tumors Imagery Prof. Dr. Jörg Schubert: The new surgical method with partial preservation of the prostate The radical removal of the bladder (cystectomy) promises as the only method for healing deep into the bladder wall and aggressive tumors. The healing forecasts in this operation are very good.Nevertheless, the heavy 5-hour intervention for patients is very stressful because the bubble removal is also associated with significant changes in sexuality and therefore the partnerships of the affected men. „The previously customary art bladders and bladder replacement solutions are connected to the bladder cancer patients with very significant limitations in quality of life – 94% of affected men were impotent after surgery, nearly half suffered from incontinence, and one in ten to problems such as narrowing of the artificial urinary tract, the follow-up operations made necessary „explains Professor Jörg Schubert. The partial preservation of the prostate also indispensable for male potency […mehr lesen]

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Better Prognosis for Breast Cancer in Germany

3. Mai 2012 Detlef Hoewing 0

How successful is the interdisciplinary treatment of breast cancer? Since 2003, the Breast Center at Heidelberg University Hospital has systematically tracked the course of breast cancer in more than 3,000 patients and, as the first center in Germany, has published these significant prospective results: Eighty-six percent of the patients survived the first five years after onset of treatment, with 80 % of them remaining disease-free during this period. The evaluation was published online in February 2012 in the journal The Breast.

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