The diagnosis of bladder cancer


The diagnosis to be suffering from cancer, is a deep cut in the life of every human being. Suddenly one realizes that life is finite. One thinks of the death that you may not have long to live.Everything else loses once important. When bladder cancer the first diagnosis is always a vague, since any growth, any tumor is referred to in the bladder once as cancer. The initial diagnosis can not make any statement about the viciousness and penetration of cancer. You can not clear how the further treatment is to be made and how the prognosis is.

Since approximately 80% of cases there is a benign or superficial cancer, you should after the initial diagnosis, which is usually the primary care physician or urologist, make no hard stressful thoughts when you’re told that you have bladder cancer. Because then not only makes you look crazy in itself, but it will also transport to the partnership and family. Even if you do not want to inform the family, the relatives will notice it very quickly that something is wrong and ask questions, why one is suddenly so different. One can still be such a good actor, you will notice it.

It is better to talk with their families about the diagnosis of bladder cancer and its significance.Thus they also take their fear a little far away. And they need an outlet. In sharing their thoughts and fears other, they will notice how these conversations they extricate themselves. You can not be alone cope with this disease. And their relatives have a right to know it, as it is to you. Sure, there are thoughts that no one wants to share with his own, so as not to weigh too much. You always have to weigh how much her family coped with everything. There will be instances where you can not exchange information with the partner. Then she should take the help of cancer self-help groups to complete.

Here you will find contact persons who are themselves affected by as cancer or were able to empathize with their situation and can give you useful information in addition. You may contact as bladder cancer patient even to me, because I have founded the only support group for bladder cancer in Germany. I’ll try to assist you and get them, accompany them on their way, which guides you through this disease, if they so wish.

Your urologist will refer you to determine the bladder cancer is usually in a clinic. He usually has a clinic for them, with whom he has had good experiences and that is suitable for further treatment of their bladder cancer.

Particularly if they belong to the group of people who do not trust the medical art, they should be fully informed as possible about what the hospital does and what happens to them next. This helps them very wide to get their legitimate fears at least partially under control. It has no sense anyway if they balk before treatment and surgery, unless they are planning to can be left untreated and go in a few years (depending on the grade of the tumor) elendig basis. – I’ve heard, it should not be a beautiful death, dying of cancer. – So if you want to live, they have no choice but to put their trust in a urological department of a hospital. You must feel well cared for, and the treatment measures endorse, even if they are uncomfortable for them. They are the only way to cure such diseases.

Press release from Detlef Höwing

Bladder cancer


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  • Urothelkarzinom der Blase, Bild: KGH, Wikimedia Commons

    Urothelkarzinom der Blase, Bild: KGH, Wikimedia CommonsWissenschaftler aus dem Deutschen Krebsforschungszentrum entdeckten bei 65 Prozent aller Fälle von Blasenkrebs eine Erbgut-Veränderung, die zu übermäßiger Aktivität des Unsterblichkeitsenzyms Telomerase führt. Die Mutation ist mit einem ungünstigen Verlauf der Erkrankung assoziiert. Dies gilt jedoch nicht, wenn die Patienten zusätzlich Träger einer bestimmten Genvariante sind.

    Im Deutschen Krebsforschungszentrum hatten Wissenschaftler um Dr. Rajiv Kumar kürzlich beim bösartigen schwarzen Hautkrebs eine weitverbreitete Erbgutveränderung entdeckt. Die Mutation betrifft die als „Unsterblichkeitsenzym“ bezeichnete Telomerase. Um die Bedeutung dieser Erbgut-Veränderung bei anderen Krebsarten aufzuklären, analysierten die Forscher nun gemeinsam mit Kollegen vom schwedischen Karolinska-Institut das Tumorerbgut von 327 Blasenkrebs-Patienten. Bei 65 Prozent der Tumoren entdeckten sie die identische Veränderung.

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    Rund ein Viertel aller Frauen, die unter Wechseljahresbeschwerden leiden, nehmen künstliche Hormone gegen Hitzewallungen und seelische Verstimmungen ein. Seitdem jedoch mit der „Million Women Study“ und der „Women’s Health Initiative“ zwei große Studien einen Zusammenhang zwischen der Einnahme von Hormonen und einem erhöhten Risiko für Brustkrebs feststellten, ist die Hormonersatztherapie (HET) umstritten.

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